June Progress

I had a good start to the beginning of the month where I was more consistent with my practices, carrying out everything from last months progress, but half way this month in June I hit some setbacks. Long story short, I didn’t train as much or keep up with my daily yoga and meditation.
With the training I did get done, I started to get back into breaking more, which I wrote about here. And breaking has been helping me the most this month.

Towards the end of the month, I really began to question why I want to do the things I set myself out to do. I’ve questioned why I want to do these practices when I find I sometimes lack the motivation for it. Depression, self-doubt, and lack of confidence sometimes get in the way but I’ve been pushing past it to train without motivation. I find it’s been helping me to feel better, and push myself out of the rut.
I had fun with the training and practices I did get done this past month. Even when I have my setbacks, I’ll still continue ahead.

Here are some clips that I caught of my training..


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