Angela (Zaiana) Martin


After discovering meditation, yoga, and massage therapy back in 2012, I knew I wanted to learn more. I longed, not only to help myself but also help others in a hands-on, holistic way.  I became a licensed massage therapist in Chicago IL in summer of 2015, and have been working as an LMT since.

My journey to self-growth has attracted me to peruse many different practices such as:
mediation and energy work
calisthenics and functional movement
martial arts
fire flow arts
and photography

I also enjoy traveling, learning languages, and living a life more environmentally friendly and sustainability. Outside of these practices, I am perusing undergrad studies in environmental science and ecology.

In this blog, I share my voice on these subjects and progress in these practices. I share my journey of self-growth and living a full life.
Join me on my journey!

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