June Progress

I had a good start to the beginning of the month where I was more consistent with my practices, carrying out everything from last months progress, but half way this month in June I hit some setbacks. Long story short, I didn't train as much or keep up with my daily yoga and meditation. With... Continue Reading →


Movement Play

Got some training in at the Parkour Ways jam today. Got to condition and drill some stuff, and played around some too. Since I don't have a slackline of my own yet, so I occasionally play with stuff on rails that you would normally do on a line. I always wondered if I could do... Continue Reading →

June- Breaking

It has been almost two years when I first started learning. For some time I stuck with it, but for almost a year or so I didn't do any breaking at all. It actually reminds me of when I first got into parkour. It was the same situation where I wanted to learn something, but... Continue Reading →

Fire Flow

For this month of June, I've been playing with my fire contact staff every now and then. It's been a while but I've been having fun with it. I played with my staff unlit for too long that I almost forgot how bright and warm it gets. So I've been slowly working on contact moves... Continue Reading →

When I got to meet and train with some of the founders. Kind lazy to write about the experiences of the events I got to meet them at.. Got to meet and train with the crazy guys Yann and Laurent a couple times, haha. Had great experiences every time. They can be silly at times,... Continue Reading →


Last year's acro fest in Chicago was amazing and a ton of fun. It was the first acro fest in Chicago, and I was bummed that I couldn't go this year. I got to learn some new washing machines, meet really friendly people, and also got to learn a bit about slacklining. Towards the end... Continue Reading →

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