Interview for Chicago Reader

I got interviewed by Anne Ford from Chicago Reader about Parkour and my training. It was a great chat and we talked about a lot. Some of the things we talked about I plan to write about, here in my blog. Feel free to check it out!


Blue Lotus Thai Bodywork Program

I completed a 6-month Thai massage program in March this year. It was a great 6 months where I got to learn the many different ways that I can stretch, move and massage the body. I thought I knew plenty before I started the program but man was I shown a whole lot more! I loved... Continue Reading →

Liniment Making Workshop

Got to attend a workshop where we learned how to make our own herbal topicals like liniments, and balms. Also got to learn more about the power of herbs and how they affect the body. Herbal topicals are used for healing purposes to help cool, warm, disperse or any other number of ways they affect... Continue Reading →

Women’s March Chicago

When I got to attend the Women's March here in Chicago. The atmosphere was amazing and inspiring. Everyone was so kind, and it was the most peaceful protest I've seen here in Chicago. It's this love, support, and encouragement that inspires me and gives me hope.

When I got to meet and train with some of the founders. Kind lazy to write about the experiences of the events I got to meet them at.. Got to meet and train with the crazy guys Yann and Laurent a couple times, haha. Had great experiences every time. They can be silly at times,... Continue Reading →

Standing Rock

Gerardo and I got to go to standing rock with a few friends back in November of 2016. It was eye opening to be there. I've always been passionate about protecting our environment from pollution, and when I learned about the pipelines and what was happening at standing rock, I felt there had to be... Continue Reading →


Last year's acro fest in Chicago was amazing and a ton of fun. It was the first acro fest in Chicago, and I was bummed that I couldn't go this year. I got to learn some new washing machines, meet really friendly people, and also got to learn a bit about slacklining. Towards the end... Continue Reading →

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